Mase Shaw
Editor / Creator
Spawning from an obsession with ancient video rental stores, Mase created 'The Weekly Spoon' out of a love of movies and media from a young age. Residing in Christchurch, New Zealand Mase's aim is to 'Spoon feed the world with a wealth of topical media and reviews.
Jennifer Kaplan
Writer / Contributor
With over a decade of writing experience, and an unbridled love of fiction, Jennifer seeks to inform the uninformed. Hailing from Pennsylvania, USA, she hopes to kick open the door to new experiences for varying audiences.
James Pullman
Writer / Contributor
James has been a pop culture nerd from his early days, falling in love with music, video games, cartoons, comics, and books from as far back as he can remember. He loves sharing his views on pop culture with the world in order to spread the wealth of great stuff that is out there.
Shaun Garea
Writer / Contributor
Shaun Garea is a writer/film-maker/comic creator based just out of Auckland, New Zealand. Looking for an excuse to further retreat into a world of fantasy he is doing the ReWind feature looking at classic comics here at The Weekly Spoon. He also has a beard and really likes Maltesers.