Christmas will soon come around, and already, people are starting to think about it.

What to buy for the kids, who’s making dinner, what’s happening for the work Christmas party? They’re all legitimate questions.

What is sure is that Christmas can often be a boozy time of year. But what if it didn’t have to be?

We currently live in a world where alcohol is causing huge problems, particularly in and around the London area. Some of the best alcohol and drug rehabilitation centres in Essex have seen a huge influx in patients battling addiction, while problems such as drunk driving, violence, and conflict always heighten during festive periods.

That could welcome a more sober Christmas’ for people, and it would be actively encouraged, particularly given how much it could indeed enhance your holidays.

Thinking about it? Here are five reasons that may secure that temptation for you…

You’ll Save Money!

Christmas is an expensive time of year, and it can get significantly more so if you are drinking every day, whether that be in the pub or at home.

We often go to extremes at this time of year, and we can spend hundreds of pounds on alcohol. It’s one of many things we can save money on. Why not treat your loved ones a little more instead? Or perhaps save that for a little weekend getaway to fight off the January blues?

You’ll be in a Better Mood

The morning after the night before is always a tricky one to navigate. Hangovers don’t go hand-in-hand with family time, and a poor attitude and bad mood can put a real dampener on Christmas.

Avoiding alcohol will combat that. You’ll get a better night’s sleep, have a happier attitude, and have more energy for things like playing with children, enjoying trips out, and generally feeling that little bit more festive.

You Won’t Miss Any Days

Hangovers can really wipe out people, and it might not be just the morning when you suffer. Some people can stay in bed all day as a result of a night’s drinking, which effectively cancels certain days of your Christmas.

By avoiding alcohol, you’ll maximize every day of the period and really make it a day to remember.

And You’ll Feel Better for it

You’ll feel better for it in every way, from your self-esteem to your physical health. Christmas is a busy and exhausting time, but it can become more so if you’ve regularly got booze in your hand.

Alcohol can have a really significant impact on your body. You’ll feel sluggish and stale and will even put on weight. During a time when you’ve got to get through a full Christmas dinner and tons of chocolate, too!

You’ll Avoid Any Regrets and Set a Positive Example

Christmas can be a tense time, too. Arguments happen and are usually influenced by alcohol. You can avoid it, or certainly on your part, by avoiding alcohol, managing, and responding in a positive way. That’s only going to be a positive influence on other people.

Alongside this, and the thing nobody wants, you’ll also be able to avoid any office antics that you’d want to forget in the morning!