pixel 3xl football wallpaper

Are you a die-hard football fan looking to give your Pixel 3XL a sporty makeover? Well, you’re in luck! In this article, I’ll be sharing some amazing football wallpapers that are perfect for your Pixel 3XL. Whether you support your favorite team or simply want to showcase your love for the beautiful game, these wallpapers will add a touch of excitement to your device. Get ready to score big with these stunning football-themed wallpapers!

Pixel 3XL Football Wallpaper

The Pixel 3XL football wallpapers are designed to take full advantage of the high-resolution display of the device. With a resolution of 1440 x 2960 pixels, the wallpapers are crisp and sharp, allowing you to enjoy every detail of your favorite football team or player. Whether it’s the intricate stitching on the ball or the intense expressions on the faces of the players, the high-resolution display ensures that you get the most immersive football experience on your device.

Vibrant colors

The Pixel 3XL football wallpapers are known for their vibrant colors. Whether it’s the bright green of the football field, the bold red of the team jerseys, or the vivid blue of the sky, the wallpapers bring your device to life with their vibrant and saturated colors. The combination of the OLED display technology and the high-quality graphics of the wallpapers ensures that the colors pop off the screen, making your football wallpapers look stunning and eye-catching.

Wide collection of football wallpapers

When it comes to football-themed wallpapers, the Pixel 3XL offers a wide collection to choose from. With options ranging from individual players to stadium shots and team logos, there’s something for every football fan. Whether you’re a fan of the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, or any other league, you can find wallpapers that represent your favorite team or player. The collection is regularly updated, so you can always find fresh and exciting wallpapers to keep your device’s look up to date.

How to Download Pixel 3XL Football Wallpaper

Option 1: Google Pixel Wallpaper app

To download football wallpapers for your Pixel 3XL, one of the easiest methods is to use the Google Pixel Wallpaper app. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Google Pixel Wallpaper app on your Pixel 3XL.
  2. Browse through the collection of wallpapers until you find a football-themed wallpaper that catches your eye.
  3. Tap on the wallpaper to preview it.
  4. If you like the wallpaper, tap on the “Set wallpaper” button to apply it to your device’s homescreen and lockscreen.
  5. Alternatively, you can tap on the “Download” button to save the wallpaper to your device and set it as your wallpaper manually.

Option 2: Wallpaper websites

Another way to get pixel 3xl football wallpapers is by visiting wallpaper websites. These websites usually offer a wide variety of high-quality football wallpapers that you can easily download and set as your device wallpaper. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open a web browser on your Pixel 3XL.
  2. Search for “pixel 3xl football wallpapers” on a search engine.
  3. Explore different websites that offer football wallpapers and find the one that suits your preferences.
  4. Once you find a wallpaper you like, click on the download button or follow the website’s instructions to save the wallpaper to your device.
  5. After downloading the wallpaper, you can set it as your wallpaper using the device’s settings options.


In this article, I have presented three simple and convenient options for downloading Pixel 3XL football wallpapers. By utilizing the Google Pixel Wallpaper app, users can effortlessly browse through a vast collection of wallpapers and set them as their device’s background. Alternatively, exploring various wallpaper websites through a quick search engine query for “pixel 3xl football wallpapers” opens up a world of high-quality options. Lastly, utilizing a custom wallpaper app provides access to a range of football-themed wallpapers for browsing and downloading.

With these options at your disposal, you can easily personalize your Pixel 3XL device with stunning football wallpapers that showcase your passion for the sport. Whether you prefer action shots, team logos, or iconic moments, there is a wallpaper out there to suit your taste.

I hope this article has been helpful in guiding you towards finding and enjoying the perfect football wallpapers for your Pixel 3XL. So go ahead, download your favorite football wallpaper, and let your device reflect your love for the game.